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Published on 09 March 2014

Game Insight, a leading developer globally and publisher of free-to-play games for all major mobile and social platforms is present its new project X-Mercs: Invasion.

This epic turn-based strategy game invites you to head a military scientific corporation that has only one goal - to fight off an invasion of vicious aliens who want to conquer Earth and destroy humankind!
X-Mercs: Invasion coming soon for iPad.
In the year 2040 a new natural resource is discovered on Earth, the blue crystals of Advinite. The global battle for these valuable resources has divided the world into two warring factions; Red Dragon Union and North Atlantic Defense Alliance. But the worst is yet to come. Over time, the impact of the crystals slowly changes the planet’s nature. Monsters created by the Advinite radiation forces humans to hide in megalopolis protected by invisible and impenetrable force fields.
People have hardly gotten used to their new living conditions before they are faced with a new threat; an alien invasion! The situation demands immediate and drastic measures so the Earth Council is founded. It decrees that private military companies will take the leading role in the war against the aliens. You are the head of one such company.
X-Mercs: Invasion gives you the chance to lead your own military campaign! Gather an army of the best soldiers, construct a modern military base, study alien technology and turn their deadly weapons against their creators! The fate of mankind rests on your shoulders! Save the Earth from the alien invaders and forge a legend!

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