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Published on 09 April 2014

Transport Empire is a mobile game, economic strategy game, in which you will build locomotives, steamships and raise new cities, and will be available for Android and iOS soon, from Game Insight.

Transport Empire is an economic strategy game which combines the spirit of the Victorian age and a dash of steampunk. Enter a vast country in need of locomotives, steamships, and airships. Mine for resources and found cities while winning the respect of the locals and outpacing all your competitors.
In addition, Transport Empire is filled with amazing and charming characters, each with their own unique life story. While the intriguing plot unfolds, you’ll solve mysteries and uncover secrets, seek lost treasures and visit distant lands.

Official website:

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- Beautiful intricate graphics — an economic strategy game like you’ve never seen before   
- Three types of vehicles: locomotives, steamboats and airships   
- The opportunity to develop transportation as well as tons of unique cities   
- Amazing characters with compelling life stories   
- Fascinating story line - contend with competitors, cast light on conspiracies, hunt treasure, find ghosts, embark on expeditions to distant lands and so much more